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Paul Collum

Executive Director

Paul Collum.png

Paul has been a member of the Board of Directors for the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) since 2016 serving as President in 2020. He is currently the Executive Director of the IWCA. He has been the Chair of the IWCA’s Education & Safety Committee since 2017, Chair of the Convention Committee, and Serves on the Glass, Membership, & Social Media Committees as well. He is the 2017 Recipient of the Ettore Award from the IWCA for unselfish work and devotion to the Association. In 2019 he was nominated by fellow members of the IWCA and awarded the IWCA Maury Benamy Fellowship Award for giving back to the members for the Association.  In 2020 he also completed work and education towards becoming only the 12th person to be designated as a Building Access & Safety Professional (BASP)from the IWCA. A Lifetime Achievement within the IWCA. He is the first Certified Association Sponsored Instructor and the first Training Specialist to be awarded such and complete work for, within the IWCA. Over the course of the last four years, 40 plus educational, safety, membership, and convention tools and resources have been led and completed by his committee work. A complete foundations course for new employee training and retraining, converted IWCA Certification Courses to online resources, and two plus years of weekly safety toolbox talks for members to take advantage of are just a part of the tools he has helped create. In March 2020, the IWCA graduated into an OSHA Ambassador Association from an OSHA Alliance Partnership based in part on his work to get messages of Safety and Education out to Membership as well as his work in documenting those efforts for reporting.


Prior to his current role, Paul was the Dean of Admissions and Head Wrestling Coach at two local Universities in St. Louis, MO for 10 plus years. He has a Bachelors in Exercise Science, Masters in Sport Management, and a PhD in Business Administration. He decided to leave when around the time their second child was born to spend more time with them. He is Married to Amber Collum. The two have five children. Landon, Hayden, Camden, Gavin, and Nia. They also have 1-2 more children most times as Foster and Adoptive Parents.

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