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Heavy Equipment

PWNA Power washing Standards

Standard; Applies to the pressurized washing of exterior surfaces for maintenance and cleaning. Ensure all wash procedures comply with all national, state, and local laws regarding wash water reclamation.

Heavy Equipment

Heavy equipment is washed similarly to fleet washing: the difference being that there is a lot more mud and grease as well as hydraulic lines.

  • Make a mental note of how to approach the process of cleaning the equipment, where to park, where to begin and direction of the wind.

  • Set up equipment and supplies to minimize moving your vehicle and maximize hose usage.

  • Turn on detergent valve.

  • Use only a biodegradable detergent. “Biodegradable” refers to detergent that is not harmful to humans, vegetation, or pets. “Detergent” refers to a water based solution

  • Pre-soak entire machine.

  • Start with hydraulic lines and articulating joints.

  • Spray all grease and mud to outside of machine.

  • Then work body from top to bottom.

  • Wash every part of the machine that can be reached by kneeling and bending over

  • If you can see it – wash it!

  • Turn detergent valve off and rinse with clear water.

  • Concentrate on windows, removing excess detergent.

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