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🔦 Member Spotlight- Lisa Sherman with Encompass Enterprises, LLC.

Lisa Sherman with Encompass Enterprises, LLC.

The Woodlands, TX | In business since 2020

Services Offered: Pressure washing services for a wide range of surfaces and environments. This includes cleaning residential and commercial buildings, driveways, parking garages, roofs, siding, fences, windows and screens.

Other activities they enjoy: Aside from our business, we enjoy spending time with our large family and traveling. With a passion for helping others, and starting a woman owned business, I have recently found volunteer opportunities with MCWC (Montgomery County Women's Center) to help women in need rise above and focus towards a successful and safe future with their children showing them that the world is full of opportunity and hope.

How has PWNA helped you in your business?

Being a member of PWNA (Pressure Washer's Network of America) has significantly benefited our business. The networking opportunities provided by PWNA have allowed us to connect with other professionals in the pressure washing industry, fostering collaborations and knowledge sharing. Attending their conferences and workshops has kept us updated with the latest industry trends, techniques, and equipment, enhancing the quality of our services. Additionally, the access to resources, such as educational materials and certification programs, has improved our team's skills and credibility. Overall, our affiliation with PWNA has played a pivotal role in expanding our business's reach and maintaining a competitive edge in the market.

What do you know now that you wished you knew when you started your business?

Before starting our power washing business, I might have wished to know more about the importance of proper pricing strategies to ensure profitability and competitive positioning. Understanding the local market demand, researching competitors' pricing, and factoring in overhead costs would have been beneficial. Additionally, insights into effective marketing techniques tailored to the local area could have helped us gain traction faster. A comprehensive understanding of different types of surfaces and their specific cleaning requirements, as well as knowledge about equipment maintenance and safety protocols, could have contributed to smoother operations and client satisfaction. Lastly, legal and regulatory aspects, such as obtaining necessary licenses and insurance coverage, would have provided a stronger foundation for our business from the outset.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

Starting a business in the power washing community has been a true blessing. The business has given us a platform to showcase our expertise and craftsmanship. The challenges and successes we’ve experienced along the way have undoubtedly helped us to grow personally and professionally, imparting valuable lessons and skills that extend beyond the business realm.

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