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Understanding PWNA Certification

The Power Washers of North America (PWNA). The PWNA is a leader in creating standards regarding environmental awareness, ethical business practices and safety that its members are expected to follow. This is why when you work with PWNA-certified pressure washers; you know that you’re receiving the highest level of professionalism and value.



To become a PWNA-certified pressure washer, a contractor must provide proof of liability insurance. To obtain liability insurance, most contractors must have a license through their local contractor’s board. If a pressure washing company has an active PWNA certification, you can have peace of mind knowing that it’s properly licensed and insured.


The PWNA has four pillars, one being certification and education. The industry organization offers educational opportunities at its annual convention and through education partners. In addition to giving power washing companies competitive and business advantages, customers benefit the most from the operational advantages.

The classes that the PWNA offers to its members teach about industry best practices, safety, and the latest techniques in restoration, industry regulations, cleaning, water reclamation and environmental concerns. Professionals can also earn certifications in specializations, such as roof cleaning, environmental practices, fleet washing, house washing and wood restoration. Experienced PWNA-certified pressure washers teach the classes, offering their wisdom and years of experience to those in attendance. The classes assure that the contractor you work with provides you with consistent high-quality results.


PWNA-certified contractors pledge to exercise fair and honorable practices, and abide by the highest ethical standards. Members must promise to accurately represent their products and services, compete fairly with others in the industry, and charge fair prices.

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