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Christian Militello

Board Member


Christian started his business 18 years ago always running as a painting and power washing company.  All be it washing the "wrong way" or "the way painters wash" he and his company still pressure washed.  About 6 years ago Christian learned about "soft washing" and "low pressure washing" with bleach.  So he added a jrod, and injector kit, some bleach, water, and soap and started to wash the right way with that same pull behind machine.  Now employing a total of 19 people which includes two office personal, two estimators, four full time pressure washers and 11 painters he has no plans on stopping.  With the addition of a salesman he wants to direct more of his attention to the washing side of his business.  


 Last year being added to the national PDCA board of directors he has experience and know how already being on a board.  Prior to that, serving (and still serving) on the education committee for the PDCA he assist with education for the national trade show and seminar.  


The PDCA board has recently come out with a trade best practice series, and are attempting to gather a health care program for PDCA members.  We are also coming up with and apprenticeship program which we are hoping gets national certification.


Christian has a passion for education and sharing the information that has made his business flourish.  He also has a passion for his people, bringing a humble, personal mentality to his company.  Hiring good moral people and training the rest, having goals to achieve levels within the company, having health care, paid days off, retirement, all in place or soon to be in place with the company.  


Christian is the proud parent of Sophia, Enzo, and Luca and is married to his beautiful wife and business partner Angelina.


The value in being involved with both industries is limitless.  

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