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We are pleased to offer this new class

PWNA, our non-profit organization since 1992, and its 400+ companies are proud to announce the new NFPA 96 and ANSI KEC Certification Test for members and non-members. PWNA was one of the first in the country to offer training and certification and we have recognized the current need for new KEC certification in the industry. 


We are now allowing companies and employees, both PWNA members and non-members, to take the KEC NFPA and ANSI certification exam.  This will be a benefit to all our members, non-members, employees and AHJ’s in fulfilling certain requirements and helping more of the industry comply and compete in the certification.

We feel in today’s economical environment that by offering this certification at a reasonable price for everyone, more of the industry will have an advantage to become certified. Company certification will be priced at $249.00 and each employee will pay only $59.00 to become a certified NFPA 96 and ANSI KEC technician.

KEC Enterprise Membership

Yearly Membership Includes:

  • PWNA Membership

  • Owner Certification

  • Unlimited Employee Certification

Your sales tag line to your customers can be every person in your company is certified for Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. Even your office personal can get certified at the same cost.

Once you are a KEC Enterprise member manage your training and certifications under Online Training/KEC Training & Certification.

Certifications tests must be retaken every two years to stay current on updated codes and requirements.


Company Certification

Included in KEC Enterprise Membership

As a Company, the representative must pay $249.00 to take the KEC test and must receive a score of 75% for the certification to be registered to that company.  This certification will expire in two years. Upon renewal date, the company or representative needs to demonstrate continued education or re-take the updated test at a reduced fee.


Employee Certification

Included in KEC Enterprise Membership

If you are required to have an employee certified, you can add them to your company certification through testing. They can take the KEC test at a reduced price of $59.00 and must score at least 75% on it to be certified. This certification will expire in two years and upon renewal date, the employee needs to demonstrate continued education or re-take the updated test at a reduced fee.



PWNA’s certification for kitchen exhaust cleaning exam uses information from the NFPA 96 and ANSI C10-2011 documents to the the test knowledge of the cleaners and companies.  You can purchase the NFPA 96 from NFPA and the ANSI C10-2011 for reference material for this test but is not required.

NFPA 96 Codes for cleaning exhaust systems
ANSI Standards for cleaning exhaust systems

Please check with your local jurisdiction to see if this new NFPA 96 and ANSI KEC certification program is acceptable before offering it to your employees and that the test meets both your company and employee’s needs.

AHJ’s have free access to the test to make sure that the test is acceptable and that it meets their requirements.

                   AHJ Verification

For AHJ’s once you have been verified we will send you a link to take the test at no cost. This allows you to see what standards are being tested for both the company and employees and if the content meets your requirements. You will be able to print your certificate for display after passing.

PWNA is proud to offer this certification to all PWNA members and non-members. We are hopeful that this certification will help both companies and employees become certified and compliant in NFPA 96 and ANSI KEC.  Our hope is this will bring higher standards to all within the entire industry.


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