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Craig Harrison

Industry Partner Board Member

Craig Harrison

Craig Harrison is a Veteran Hard Surface Restoration Contractor. He is the President of Eco-Friendly Power Washing, Inc., President of Front 9 Restoration Inc., and owner/Head Instructor of The F9 Cleaning Classroom.  Craig is the inventor of F9 Products, Processes, and the F9 Cookbook.


Throughout his 30+ years in pressure washing, Craig discovered systems that could simplify inorganic stains into one of four Processes. This made restoration easy! From 1998 to 2008, Craig hired chemists to help him streamline his four products to work faster for his own Pressure Washing and Restoration Company, which heavily focused on Health and Safety.


In 2019, Craig wrote the F9 Cookbook to tie all of these processes together, forever simplifying the art of Inorganic Hard Surface Restoration, Maintenance, and Cleaning. Craig currently resides near Phoenix, AZ, and travels the country teaching his One Day In-Depth Restoration Class with While on the road, Craig also offers consulting, education, training, and solutions for small and large-scale businesses. 


Craig is also a Certified Instructor with PWNA in Flatwork.

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