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Daryl Mirza


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Mr. Mirza is known as a pioneer of the industry. In 1983 he graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a major in marketing. He started out managing Burger King restaurants and after a few years felt compelled to work in the restaurant industry in a completely different role. Like every successful business person he combined his passion and drive to best meet customer and market needs. Daryl started out by mastering power washing classes and used his strong agenda and penchant for hard work to bring integrity and high service standards to become the preferred vendor partner for many major restaurant chains. Some of the highlights of Mr. Mirza’s over 30 years in the industry include being founder/owner of such brands as Facilitec USA, National Fire Services, Rooftop Solutions/Grease Guard and ISM. He increased his business through growth and acquisitions of both small and large service providers, including purchasing Facilitec USA from Ecolab in 2004. He is a past President of PWNA’s board of directors and has affiliations with NFPA and currently holds the Treasure position for the PWNA. He holds multiple patents from his years of service and evolution of best practices.

This lifetime ambition along with an incredible partnership has led him to Averus. This newest success came after remarkable business model improvements and a fresh name that reflects his dedication to being at the forefront of customer needs. Daryl united with Joe Harvey to deliver perfected self-performing services nation wide at competitive regional pricing underscored by innovations in technology. Now and always, Averus priorities are true fire-safety and ultimate customer satisfaction. His foundation of knowledge keeps him committed to ideas and innovative products that enable restaurants and other facilities to truly be fire-safe.

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