Leaett Lipker


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Leaett Lipker went to college in New Hampshire studying accounting. After college, she moved to Florida and entered banking and investments for 7 years getting her license in Mutual Funds, Health, Life and Annuities. In 1996 she left that industry to start Under Pressure Washing LLC with her husband, Brian Lipker. In 2004 Leaett bought a small commercial cleaning business. After 10 years it grew to a point where it took away from family time with her five children and so a decision was made to sell the commercial cleaning business and go back to focusing on pressure washing. Currently Leaett is in the office handling marketing, social media, and HR. Under Pressure Washing LLC has been in business for over 20 years and has a staff of 8 employees. They specialize in residential and commercial work including roof cleaning, house washing, brick paver cleaning and sealing, commercial buildings to working with property managers.