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PowerClean 2021 Registration Giveaway!

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Register by July 31st for a chance to win one of 4 great prizes!

1. PWNA Membership or Renewal Value: $350

One (1) year PWNA membership and access to the PWNA certification for Contractors. Our community of industry experts support and strengthen fellow PWNA members’ businesses. Through insightful educational events, conventions, trade shows and online education, we work together to propel your company further. And, unlike other organizations, we’re not for profit. The only profit we’re interested in is yours. Join us.

2. Residential Fall Protection Kit From Expert Safety Services Value: $699

Fall Protection Kit comes with- ▪200' 7/16 Petzl Axis Rope

▪Kong Rope Grab with short Lanyard and 21" lanyard

▪3 Kong Carabiners

▪Petzl Bucket Bag 35L

▪Sky Genie Helio Harness w/front attach

▪Petzl Throw Bag and Throw Line

▪2-Ground anchors and Reece Hitch anchors

3. Paver Sealing & Stripping Products From DECO Products Value: $950+

2 buckets of SilaCast ($450 retail) and 2 buckets of StripaCast ($500 retail) and if needed we will come train how to use both products from DECO Products. Enhance the beauty of concrete pavers or reduce the moldy mildew growth on driveways, pool decks or patios? With Deco Products’ line of decorative sealers, we have you covered from start to finish. Remove the old acrylic sealer with our tough Deco super stripper STRIPACAST. After that, choose if you want a “wet” look or one of our completely transparent sealers to protect and enhance your concrete surface.

4. Truck Presoak & Wash Products From Hydro-Chem Systems Value: $110

1 Pail of Citric & 1 Pail of Grizzy #1 Citric & Grizzly - This is a great 2-step touchless combination with aggressive cleaning power for nearly any type of truck. #1 Citric presoak uses citric acid and it smells like oranges, it's safe on the glass surfaces and it has a nice effect on the metal. Grizzly is a heavy duty brown alkaline soap with a clingy foam profile and great rinsability. The combined chemistry will target and remove oxidation, heavy road film, bugs, oils, soils & grease while leaving an amazing shine on the paint. The detergents are 100% biodegradable and phosphate free. (Not for mirror finish polished aluminum)

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