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Roof Cleaning

Standard; Applies to the pressurized washing of exterior surfaces for maintenance and cleaning. Ensure all wash procedures comply with all national, state, and local laws regarding wash water reclamation.

Roof Cleaning (Soft wash of the roof of a commercial or residential property.)

  • Detergent to be used is formulated to kill and neutralize living organisms the same day as the treatment. To be applied with a low pressure type sprayer that will ensure no damage is done to the roofing material

  • Evaluate the entire area to be treated and note any trouble spots, Damage and affected areas. Position yourself so you are able to view every elevation of the roof. Note all the affected areas.

  • Check every downspout to see where they lead. If downspouts lead to yard or vegetation, you should disconnect the downspout near the bottom to ensure drainage does not reach vegetation. If drainage is unavoidably going to reach vegetation, divert or collect drainage as not to effect vegetation. If there are no gutters to the property or drainage leads to a pond or other water source, you should not treat the roof or perform the service, as this could be harmful to the water source/environment.

  • Remove all items away from the structure to ensure they do not come into contact with water or detergent. (Items include, but not limited to potted plants, door mats, patio furniture, barbeque grills, flags, yard decorations; cushions, and awnings.)

  • Use a ladder with a stabilizer as not to set ladder against gutters. Set up your ladder at the highest elevation of the roof at which you will begin treatment.   Ensure that the starting point gives you the best angle and the best footing for the ladder. Tie off your ladder/stabilizer so it is secure to the structure.

  • Pre-wet the surrounding area of your starting point with fresh water prior to any application. Use a pressure washer or other means to complete thorough fresh water soak to all surrounding vegetation, surface of the structure, windows, etc. to your starting point. Any vegetation within 60 feet of your starting point should be soaked. This process should be completed twice for each area to ensure all areas are thoroughly wet.

  • Prior to beginning the roof treatment process, ensure that you are wearing a respirator and safety goggles to prevent any eye injury or chemical inhalation.

  • Application is to be applied from a fixed position on your ladder, do not attempt to leave the ladder onto the roof without proper safety fall restraints and proper training of use of such.

  • Begin application at the gutter-line or roof edge with a wide fan spray nozzle. The spray technique should be two medium paced passes in a left to right motion that will fully saturate the shingles without excess runoff.

  • Be sure to only spray the treatment solution onto the shingles. Should you have overspray on nearby vegetation or other items, you will need to descend from the ladder immediately and properly rinse the affected area with fresh water. If you have a two person crew have the other person rinse the surrounding areas with fresh water while the roof is being treated.

  • Pay special attention to moss, lichens, and dark stained areas by fully saturating them. (Note: Moss and lichens will not disappear immediately, instead they will turn a lighter color, signifying they are dying.)

  • Once you have completed treating the area of your starting point, you will need to repeat all steps for next highest elevated area and so forth.

  • Upon completion of the treatment phase of all roof areas, a complete visual inspection of the roof must be completed. Ensure that there are no black streaks, moss or lichens that have not changed colors, or other areas of concern that remain. If so, retreat any areas of concern.

  • Complete a fresh water rinse of all the surrounding areas once the treatment has been applied.

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May 27, 2022

There is no need to stress about roof cleaning as there are so many companies out there in the market offering roof cleaning services. Even nowadays roof repair companies also offer such services even after when the repair has been done by their professionals.

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