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2023 PowerClean Convention

October 11-15, 2023


PowerClean® 2023 Schedule At A Glance

Golf/Women's Wine & Wash
Pre - Convention Paid Classes
PWNA Unplugged - Outdoor Demos & Networking

PowerClean® Kickoff Comedian
Technical, Business, and Sales & Marketing Classes
Trade Sho
w & Auction - Manufacturers & Distributors
PWNA Reception
Technical, Business, and Sales & Marketing Classes
Trade Show & Auction - Manufacturers & Distributors
PWNA Certification Classes 

Mobile Training Trailer

The PWNA's brand new Mobile Training Trailer will be at PowerClean® 2023 in action for our training classes and live demos.

We thank our vendors who dedicated so much time and money to making it the best training trailer we could dream of!
We're offering both Paid Certifications and Free Training (see below)

Sunday, October 15th


House Washing Certification - Bo Josetti & Jim Pasternak

- Members Only - $199 Register

The house washing class offered by the PWNA will go over the fundamentals of cleaning residential homes using pressure washers and 12 volt pump delivery systems.  The course talks about what kind of business you want to become and how to get there.  It also covers the different solutions and processes that can be used on a home with a primary focus on Soft Washing.


Environmental Certification - Michael Draper

- Members Only - $199 Register

This course was developed by the PWNA to help keep contractors informed of the EPA regulations that are in affect. The Clean Water Act is discussed as it applies to a mobile contractor as well and the environmental impacts the cleaning industry can have on communities.


Fleet Washing Certification - Paul Laramee

 -Members Only- $249 Register

This course was compiled by some of the top leaders in the fleet washing industry.  We will cover the history of fleet washing, economic opportunity as well as chemicals, cleaners, and detergents.  Water reclamation will also be discussed due to today’s regulations regarding wastewater runoff.  In addition, equipment, safety, process, and a comparison of one step vs two steps are covered.


Flatwork Certification - Andy Reinsel

 - Members Only - $199 Register

This course provides in-depth details about cleaning an array of flat surfaces. We discuss the advantages/disadvantages of using a wand vs a surface cleaner. We also cover different chemicals for different stains and surfaces, hot water vs cold water and how to remove gum. The different options for water recovery when cleaning flat surfaces are also highlighted.

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 9.14.59 PM.png

First Aid Training- Mike Dingler

 - Members Only - $49 Register


PowerClean® 2023 Schedule
Free Training w
ith Registration

Check back as we continue to update the schedule

Thursday, October 12th

Wine & Wash Logo.jpeg

Women's Wine & Wash

TBD- Free - RSVP

Ladies, Please join us on Thursday at 2pm for complimentary wine, appetizers and giveaways​

Come get to know all the wonderful ladies of the power washing industry.  Whether you wash, are in the office or just here with your spouse, we would love to meet you!!! 

Golf - Wigman Golf Resort

9:00 am - Shotgun Start Registration

Blue Course- A Robert Trent Jones, Sr. Design


Friday, October 13th

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 9.35.59 PM.png

Solar Panel Cleaning  

TBD - Free with Registration

Solar panel cleaning

• The importance of regular cleaning (mainlining ROI on panels)

• Challenges of the cleaning process

• Proper cleaning procedure (tools and process)


Rig Building and Maintenance  - Jason Ayers

 TDB- Free with Registration

Jason is from Murfreesboro, TN, just outside of Nashville. He started his business with $300 to his name and successfully grew it to over $1M gross annual revenue by year six. He performed all of his own maintenance and built all of his rigs.

This class starts by explaining small, beginner rigs then works up way up to professional rigs. It also covers about of said rigs.

Marie Reinsel.jpg

Business Finance - Marie Reinsel

TBD - Free with Registration

Tracy Handl.jpg

Joes to Pros - Traci and Kimberlee Handl

TBD - Free with Registration

Tracy Handl began his career in the pressure washing industry in 1999. During that time, he was leading a crew of wood care experts in the field in the North Georgia area. After years of wand time and experience, Tracy's career, duties and responsibilities began to change towards sales, service and technical guidance. With numerous years under his belt, a loyal customer base and a desire to be his own boss, Tracy joined North American Pressure Wash Outlet in May 2012 as the Chief Operating Officer. He is now responsible for guiding the sales and repair departments. Tracy is up-to-date on the latest equipment and service requirements.

Christian Company 119.heic

The $2-$10 Million Jump - Christian Klein, Company 119

2pm to 4pm - Free with Registration

Christian Klein is the founder and CEO of the digital marketing firm, Company 119, which focuses on solving power washing business issues with innovative digital tools. He is also co-founder of Main Street Recruitment, a recruitment marketing agency for blue-collar based organizations. His agencies work with clients that want to “Run Toward Fire” and aggressively fix their marketing, talent, and profit alarms. Company 119 serves hundreds of US-based companies, is a multiple-winning FastTrack 50 #1 Emerging Company, Weatherhead 100 winner, and a member of the Inc. 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies.


Christian lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife Becky and 5 kids. He has served as the President of the Greater Cleveland BBB and multiple business organizations. By night, Christian’s favorite “constructive destruction” is as a firefighter—the only job where you get to cut a hole in someone’s roof, leave, and they say thank you with cookies.

Screen Shot 2022-07-29 at 11.23.35 AM.jpg

3 Key Hires to Give You Time, Freedom and Profit - Westley Maree

TBD - Free with Registration

Westley Maree is passionate about what motivates us as individuals so that we can be fulfilled at the highest level. He embodies that passion in his own life, very recently moving his family across the ocean from South Africa. Since joining the BERGflow team he has been pivotal in creating leadership development training and programs. He specializes in using psychometric data to understand people and leadership development. That’s very helpful in identifying stress indicators for your team members/leaders, as well as natural strength development for leaders.

About this Class - We all know that scaling a business is challenging, but would you be surprised to know that boots to the ground is not the quick fix answer? At BERGflow we believe finding the right people, who sit in the right positions and work for the right motivation is the driving force behind building a $1mm company and beyond. The magic is held in 3 key hires - come find out what they are.


Industry Paint Issues - Trudi Weickam & Bo Josetti

3pm to 4pm - Free with Registration

While washing the exterior of 2 painted homes in 2012, Classic Touch Pressure Washing witnessed paint discoloration. Trudi started investigating this issue, and has worked tiredly the past 10 years, to get answers on why the paint discolored and finding a cleaning solution to clean homes without changing the paint color. Trudi started teaching with PWI to educate contractors about this issue and how to protect their business and the customers’ homes. Over time, Trudi and Shane noticed the need for a pressure washing retail store in their area. In 2020, they launched Panhandle Power Washing Supply in Freeport, Florida.

Trudi currently runs Panhandle Power Wash Supply, hosts free training seminars, and mentors many contractors all over the country. She has single handedly tackled the paint manufacturers on behalf of contractors nationwide regarding the paint issues. Trudi is still a pressure washing contractor and has 15 years of full time washing under her belt. This is why, in this industry, she is called the “Queen of Clean.”


Saturday, October 14th
Full Schedule


Concrete & Paver Sealing - Adding Profit to Your Business - Clint Reynolds & Mark Tuliano

TBD - Free with Registration

            This class is designed to give existing pressure washers basic knowledge on expanding their business to include                             protecting and sealing pavers and other surfaces with emphasis on penetrating sealers vs 2 part film formers.

Mark Tuliano.png
Screen Shot 2023-06-01 at 11.53.54 AM.png

How to Sell Your Business for Top Dollar - Tony Morgan

TDB - Free with Registration

Pointers on how to maximize your business sale. Steps you can take to add value to your company and an explanation of the process you may experience.


HOA Market Success - Bo Josetti & Ramon Burke

      TBD - Free with Registration

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 9.35.59 PM.png

Online Marketing - Company 119

TDB - Free with Registration

Company 119 works with clients to define and implement effective web strategies to grow and improve their businesses.  Whether it’s Creating a Clear Message, Marketing Strategy, Website Design, Social Media, Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Online Branding, or Online Ads, Ken has experience with it.  Ken developed and taught one of the first Social Media Marketing and Content Management Classes in the country at St. Charles Community College. Ken is a best-selling author and a frequent speaker and podcast guest on a variety of marketing topics.


IWCA Guide to Architectural Glass for Professional Window Cleaners Part 1 - IWCA Glass Committee

TBD - Free with Registration

This will establish standard operating procedures and best practices, and list a “matrix”, if you will, of commonly used chemicals and issues that can arise while working around glass. We envision this to be a type of laminated operating procedure that could be deployed with tech crews for quick reference. I will include removal and restoration recommendations, including approved applicators and products.

Tracy Handl.jpg

Trouble Shoot Pump Repair - Traci and Kimberlee Handl

TBD - Free with Registration


Your Job as CEO - Chuck Violand

TBD - Free with Registration

The day you start a business, you assume a lot of roles within it: chief cook and bottle washer, jack of all trades, resident MacGyver, and one that is frequently misunderstood—CEO.

But as a company grows, the importance of having a firm grasp of this role also grows and can either help you navigate that growth or cause the company to stall.

Whether your company is a startup working to get beyond the launch phase, an established business experiencing the normal ups and downs of sustained growth, or a seasoned organization contemplating ownership transition, having a clear understanding of the role of CEO at these different stages will help you successfully lead your company.


Commercial Sales - Ron Musgrave & Kristy White - UAMCC

TBD - Free with Registration


Mike Dingler.jpeg

Stepping Away from the Wand - Mike Dingler

TBD - Free with Registration

Mike owns Firehouse Pressure Washing located in Peachtree City, GA. He was a full time firefighter / paramedic for 10 years and a volunteer for 7 years after he left the full time schedule behind in 2014 and focused on exterior cleaning only. He has been onsite at over 20,000 job sites and have grown his business from 25k a year to 1.2M and currently employs 15 technicians that are all firefighters.

The class accurately describes how to stop working in your business and start working on it.  It also gives recommended lists for advertising, business tools, as well as outlines the process for developing an employee handbook that includes a safety, operations and administration section.

AC Lockyer.jpeg

The 5 Keys to Pattern Success - AC Lockyer

TBD - Free with Registration

Marco Ramonda.jpg

LinkedIn Marketing - Marco Ramonda

TBD - Free with Registration

Marco coaches companies on how to sell and grow your business with social marketing and sales on LinkedIn. This class covers:

• Setting up a profile 

• How to optimize your profile

• Data Mining

• Branding

• How to grow your network

• Connecting the dots 

• Q&A


Transform Your Business Into a Lead Generating Machine - Jon Majak

TBD - Free with Registration

Jon Majak is a serial entrepreneur from South Florida. With over 25 years of business experience, Jon excels in mental toughness and marketing systems. He started from humble beginnings and built and sold several companies from the ground up including one of the busiest service companies in Florida, Power Clean. After selling the company, he launched Mr. Pipeline, which helps service businesses measurably scale to the highest level possible through results-driven digital marketing. He is also an Author, Speaker, Certified Conquer Business Coach and is passionate about helping people leverage adversity into self-made millions. In his downtime, Jon enjoys spending time with family, traveling and advocating for mental health.


IWCA Guide to Architectural Glass for Professional Window Cleaners Part 2 - IWCA Glass Committee

TBD - Free with Registration

This will establish standard operating procedures and best practices, and list a “matrix”, if you will, of commonly used chemicals and issues that can arise while working around glass. We envision this to be a type of laminated operating procedure that could be deployed with tech crews for quick reference. I will include removal and restoration recommendations, including approved applicators and products.


Accessories - Jud West - UAMCC

TBD - Free with Registration

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