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Industry Paint Issues

Updated: May 18, 2020

PWNA continues to work on matters that are important to our members.  We are currenting in talks with Sherwin Williams regarding paint issues.  See article below. Thank you members for leaving comments on Facebook regarding paint issues that many are having.  Those comments can be viewed on our FB PWNA Friends and Members page and for those who have not commented and would like to do so please add your comments. 

"Industry Paint Issues" Early last year Bo Josetti, PWNA President reached out to a Sherwin William's "Product Manager" who represents the East coast and is the representative between Corporate and the Store managers and sales reps. In an attempt to try and figure out these painting issues PWNA asked if the product manager could reach out to the "Research and Development Department" and discuss the problems we are are having and could we try to work on a solution together. Well after several conversations and him officially requesting some help from Corporate we have a response in a form of a Questionnaire.  Instead of answering myself I thought it would be best to allow our members and the industry to chime in here and give some answers.  Gene ONeil and I will take the responses and put them together in a professional format and send back to SW in an email. It should be noted that we now have evidence that it is not only Sherwin William's paint that is having this problem. I have presented these questions exactly how they were presented to me. Questions... 1. What is the step by step process of a power washing job ? 2.Is there a difference in the process based on the building type: Residential vs Commercial, buildings with vinyl vs aluminum vs Wood siding or building with masonry or stucco ? 3. Is a bleach wash , detergent wash or water only wash most commonly used? As an estimate, what percentage of jobs are bleach vs detergent vs water (for example 50% bleach 35 % detergent 15 % water only)? 4.How do you treat a surface that has alot of mildew/algae? Is it treated different than a surface that has alot of dirt build up ? 5. How long after power washing should contractors wait before beginning painting ? 6. Are there any washes that use a mildew ide other than bleach ? 7. What temperature is used ?

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