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Can Gas Station Pressure Washing Be Eco-Friendly?

Foot traffic from hundreds of people quickly degrades the surface of a gas station’s hardscape and interior flooring. In addition to the oil, gasoline and grime on these surfaces, you’ll also find stains made from puddles of dumped-out beverages, chewing gum, windshield cleansing fluids, and rubber marks that are difficult to remove using traditional cleaning tools. Pressure washing gas stations is the best way to lift stains and tough grime from flooring and pads. By working with a pressure washing company that has high environmental standards, you’ll keep your station sparkling and meet the environmental standards of the company that you represent at the same time.

PRESSURE WASHING GAS STATIONS: KEEPING IT GREEN When a green pressure washing company cleans a gas station, it will perform the services in a manner that has the least impact on your operations. The workers set up special equipment that prevent wastewater from going down drains and into surrounding surfaces before pre-treating the area in which they’ll work. If you want the professionals to clean the exterior of any buildings, they’ll take precautions to protect surrounding plants and landscaping.

Following industry standards, the professionals clean the pad and surfaces using the safest nozzle and pressure settings to lift dirt, grime and tough stains and protect the equipment in the gas station at the same time. During the cleaning process, the technicians also use equipment that collects the wastewater. If their wastewater cleaning processes don’t clean the dirty water while on-site, they’ll store it in tanks and deliver it to a disposal facility.

When pressure washing gas stations, it’s best to use a professional service provider. Doing so eliminates the risk of accidentally contaminating the surrounding environment and local watershed, which may result in a hefty fine. Hiring a pressure washing company also eliminates the need to invest in high quality pressure washing equipment and train employees in their safe and proper use.

PWNA Safety Procedures The Power Washers of North America, a group that informs members on best practices for safety in pressure washing. Make sure your technicians are ready for work, wearing appropriate clothing and operating power washers in a safe manner. Take time before each project to train our pressure washing crews on safety issues.

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