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Fleet Washing

PWNA Power washing Standards

Standard; Applies to the pressurized washing of exterior surfaces for maintenance and cleaning. Ensure all wash procedures comply with all national, state, and local laws regarding wash water reclamation.

Fleet Washing Every truck in a fleet may require different treatment depending on where the truck traveled since its last cleaning, and also on the time of year. Adopt the washing process to the challenges that you’re dealing with. Chemicals may need to be adjusted, and brushing may be necessary on certain parts of the truck.

  • Make a mental note of how to approach the process of cleaning the fleet, where to park, where to begin and direction of the wind.

  • Set up equipment and supplies to minimize moving your vehicle and maximize hose usage, see which direction the water will run and set up and address water recovery issues.

  • Pre-soak all the units if heavy with bugs or heavy with dirt.

  • Use only a Biodegradable detergent. “Biodegradable” refers to detergent that is not harmful to humans, vegetation, or pets.” Detergent” refers to a water based solution.

  • Use a detergent with a PH of between: 10-12 for best results.

  • Use nozzles with a 40 degree spray angle for best results. This is the most common nozzle used for fleet washing.

  • Begin washing upwind in the lineup

  • Always start at the top at the scoop. Wash down the sides and hood towards the front wheel.

  • Start at the outside of the wheel and toward the hub inward toward the rear of the vehicle and wash the back of the sleeper and scoop.

  • Wash frame and chassis moving towards the rear wheels as in steps above.

  • Once at the end of the lineup, turn off the detergent valve and begin rinse cycle with clear water.

  • Concentrate on windows and rearview mirrors and scoops when rinsing. Anywhere detergent may be hiding.

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