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Sunbelt Rentals PWNA Discount

We are happy to announce the Sunbelt Rentals member benefit is active! Below are

the details on how to participate in this benefit.

PWNA Member Benefit: EQUIPMENT PRICING Sunbelt will give Independent Contractors a 7.5% discount on daily rates, a 10% discount on weekly rates, and a 15% off discount on 4-week rates for any equipment rented under this agreement. The discount would be calculated off of the current Regional or Divisional Rate for the area in which the equipment is rented. Said discount does not apply to any equipment contained in this agreement as the discount has already been applied. The rates contained herein will be good through the date stated on the rate quote but will not automatically renew even though the agreement does. The rental rates do not include any applicable taxes, freight charges, fuel charges, environmental fees, Rental Protection Plan, or any other applicable ancillary charges.

  • Email with your Sunbelt account number. Need to set up a new account, go here.

  • Add the following to your email: Please add my company _________________ to the PWNA purchasing program with Sunbelt Rental.

  • Include your contact information

  • Processing takes 3-5 business days

Thank you! Leaett Lipker Power Washers Of North America (800) 393-7962

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