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Top Reasons for Removing Graffiti

Graffiti is the visual scourge of American cities. As power washing experts, we’re thrilled to have the chance to clean up USA and Canada’s gorgeous metropolises. Graffiti isn’t easy to remove—it may require a combination of pressure washing and sandblasting, both of which need specialized machinery. But hiring a professional power washer to handle that graffiti removal will bring you real benefits.

Benefits of Removing Graffiti

  • Attract New Customers. The old adage advises us not to judge a book by its cover—or a business by its exterior. Yet potential clients do just that. The neat, attractive, well-kept business sends the impression of a well-managed business. Removing graffiti is a must-do for business owners looking to thrive.

  • Minimize Crime. As writers such as Malcolm Gladwell have pointed out, seemingly small signs of blight can lead to more serious crimes. The thinking behind the so-called “Broken Windows Theory” goes like this: One bit of graffiti attracts more. Taggers see this area as a safe spot to spray. Other criminals get the message that this zone is rarely monitored, and they are more likely to commit crimes there. So, cleaning up graffiti makes whole neighborhoods safer.

  • Strong building structure. Exterior paint is specially formulated to protect edifices. Spray paint weakens your building’s layer of protection against the elements. Moreover, the longer graffiti is left in place, the deeper it sinks into the subsurface, and the more damage that’s done to the underlying building material.

  • Steep long-term costs. Business and homeowners can’t swallow the cost of graffiti over the long term, one of which is a declining property value. Looks do impact real estate prices, and over time, graffiti sends potential buyers the message that your property isn’t worthwhile. Another cost of leaving graffiti in place: spray paint gets progressively harder and more expensive to remove as time goes by.

Why hire a professional? Because they are covered by liability insurance, experienced enough to avoid causing damage, and educated on how to get your job efficiently.

The PWNA has qualified contractors you can hire to handle all your pressure washing needs, including graffiti removal. Please check out our list of member contractors on our web site!

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