PowerClean 2022
PowerClean 2022

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PWNA Training Training Group Picture_edited_edited
PWNA Training Training Group Picture_edited_edited

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PowerClean 2022 Tradeshow_edited_edited
PowerClean 2022 Tradeshow_edited_edited

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PowerClean 2022
PowerClean 2022

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2023 PowerClean Convention

October 11-14, 2023

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What You Need to Know

PowerClean 2022
30th Anniversary
PWNA Convention

Once again PWNA co-located with CETA for PowerClean 2022.  We  are continuing to work together to make our industry stronger.  PWNA celebrated their 30th Anniversary and CETA their 32nd year, making this year even more special! Past PWNA Presidents joined us along with other industry friends.

Annually, people from across the country and from across all the power washing industries get together for continuing education, networking, see old friends and to see the latest in equipment from Manufacturers, Distributors and Suppliers. In a few fun days you can learn what has taken others a lifetime to learn. It is an opportunity to learn what is happening across the country regarding regulatory issues.  The annual convention is the highlight of the year for many PWNA members.


Join us as we continue to bring the industry together! 

Mobile Training Trailer

In action for our training classes and live demos.

We thank our vendors who dedicated so much time and money to make it the best training trailer we could dream of!

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PWNA and CETA Co-Locating in Glendale, AZ
October 11-14th, 2023

PWNA Convention 2019

Let's have a blast!

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