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The PWNA is at the forefront of making sure its members are well educated and versed in the regulations that govern the mobile contractor industry.  



We provide our members the most up to date information about OSHA 1910 General Industry Standard and the subparts that affect contractors such as - Ladder Safety, Water Fed Safety, Fall Protection, Chemical Safety, Respiratory Safety and more. 



We educate our members on the Clean Water Act and how to be compliant and responsible contractors so that the communities we service aren't adversely affected.


We promote safe driving habits as well as obeying the laws of the highway with regards our equipment, chemicals, trucks and trailers.  

In addition to education in the three regulatory areas, the PWNA, as a not for profit organization, serves as the voice that speaks out on behalf of all mobile contractors to the regulatory agencies.  

COVID-19 Resources

The COVID-19 pandemic has expanded our responsibilities to our membership.  We are working to ensure our members receive timely, concise and accurate information as to their status and responsibilities during this unprecedented time in our history. 


As such, we have provided you the links to many sites which have valuable information during this time.  Please read this advice and guidance with an eye to how it impacts your state, region and your business.  All states have issued different information so the information presented here is on a national level.  Please check with you local and state governments for further information regarding your local area.

In addition to working to provide you with the information you need, we are talking with CISA/Homeland Security to try and get clarification on their definition of "Essential Businesses"and how that impacts our industry.

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