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Mike Dingler

Board Member

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My name is Mike Dingler, I am 40 years old and I own Firehouse Pressure Washing located in Peachtree City GA. I was a full time firefighter / paramedic for 10 years and a volunteer for 7 years after I left the full time schedule behind in 2014 and focused on exterior cleaning only. I am a second generation entrepreneur, my father Larry Dingler owns a painting business and I started washing homes for his crews to paint in 1995. Since then I have cleaned thousands of homes and commercial properties while being a full time firefighter / paramedic for many of the jobs.

I have been onsite at over 20,000 job sites and have grown my business from 25k a year to 1.2M. My company currently employs 15 technicians that are all firefighters. My office manager is the wife of a firefighter, my sales manager is a firefighter, and my ops manager is a retired firefighter. Strenuous work both at the FD and washing for all those years resulted in (2) back surgeries and I have since resigned from being a volunteer firefighter.

Earlier this year my surgeon told me the days of firefighting and tactical medicine are over and he instructed me to “redirect the passion” to something else so I focus solely on scaling my business now. Living this scenario has led me to create a class called “Stepping Away From The Wand: Why your business needs you to not do all the work” .

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