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Paul Kassander

Industry Partner Board Member

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Paul Kassander started The Power Wash Store in 1993 after many years of running his own successful pressure washing company. He found many of his product suppliers couldn’t answer his questions and lacked any practical knowledge of the pressure washing business. Paul uses his real-world experience to teach others.


Paul’s commitment to service began with his time in the US Army. Starting as a range instructor, he later became a Drill Sergeant and was eventually selected for a pilot program to become an Army ROTC instructor at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. He even led marksmanship training at West Point.

The Power Wash Store has been serving the needs of the pressure wash industry since 1993. We aren’t in the pressure washer business to simply sell you a product and then kick you out the door. We’re here because we believe in helping people become better at what they do.

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