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Exciting Changes to PWNA Education

PWNA is proud to announce many exciting changes to our education program.

Compliance classes are a pre requisite for any certification which include OSHA 1910, DOT, Environmental and Respirator Training. These classes can be taken individually or in a group Compliance Package. If you currently hold a certification through the PWNA, you are grandfathered in until the certification's expiration date then compliance classes will need to be satisfied to keep certification.

New Enterprise Package is a great add-on to your current membership. This package gives your company 1 year access to unlimited training including certification and compliance classes for you and your employees with the exception of our affiliate classes IWCA Window Cleaning and Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning. It is important to note certifications and classes stay with the company not the employee should the employee leave the company at some point.

In the near future Continued Education classes along with Hands On Training will be offered that can be used to renew current certifications without having to retake existing certification class. We are currently building our Hands on Training mobile unit. Any vendor interested in having your equipment or product used on our new mobile unit please contact our office.

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