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Ryan McGowan

Board Member


Ryan McGowan is the owner-operator of Simple Clean LLC Power Washing Services, an experienced and well-regarded power washing business in southeastern Pennsylvania. He has been working in the power washing realm for over 17 years and launched his own company in 2017 after gaining significant experience with various companies. Ryan's main area of expertise is residential power washing, though he does have deck/wood restoration and commercial experience as well. Not planning on getting off the truck anytime soon, Ryan loves the daily hustle of working in the field while enjoying weekends off and the freedom to work as he pleases.

Ryan is a friendly and approachable individual with a great sense of humor. In addition to his likable nature, he's also made a positive impact by mentoring numerous people in the industry, sharing valuable insights along the way. Ryan is a passionate and driven entrepreneur who takes his business ethics seriously. He has an extensive education in the realm of business and leadership, he is well-positioned for success. He values work/life balance for himself and others, believing in the power of "aim small/miss small" to make progress. Ryan also believes in local networking and referral networking to move his business forward, which has served him well. A husband and proud father of five-year-old son, Ryan puts family first while still finding time to pursue his professional dreams.

Ryan has taken ownership in his business and has learned the skills necessary to propel his professional goals forward versus hiring/outsourcing like Digital Marketing, Business Coaching, and Equipment Maintenance and repair. He understands that while he is taking on more responsibility, the reward in terms of achieving his goals faster and reducing cost is worth it. Ryan has also made a commitment to keeping up with industry trends, learning from those who have gone before him, and adapting quickly. 

His attention to detail, passion for the industry, and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in setting him apart as a PWNA Certified Contractor. He looks forward to this opportunity as be on the PWNA Board of Directors to participate in more marketing and outreach efforts that forward the PWNA's vision through education and training initiatives.


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