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Trevor Shamblin

Board Member

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Trevor Shamblin stepped away from a 16 year career as a commercial truck driver to pursue his passion of starting his own small business and started Shamblin Softwash & Pressure Washing in 2016. Starting off doing mainly residential work, he quickly started getting into commercial work and further expanding his knowledge of different types of cleaning practices, equipment and specialty services.


Soon his business expanded into industrial cleaning for school districts, local municipalities, construction companies, warehousing, food and general manufacturing facilities. Besides common services performed by general pressure washing companies, he implemented specialty services like cooling tower cleaning, solar field cleaning, production equipment cleaning, and many more specialized services that keep them busy all year round with projects that often require unique planning and strategies.


Being from California, Trevor has been at the forefront of training and executing water recovery/reclaim on a consistent level that has put him in a position to head up projects with clients from not just the private sector, but also local, state and federal entities and associated organizations that require complete and total compliance with the Clean Water Act.


Trevor has also developed and designed high production RO/DI equipment in the window and solar cleaning industry that are sold by multiple manufacturers in the window cleaning industry. In 2022 Trevor opened a 2nd company Norcal Water Solutions, which is a water treatment company with specialty programs that include: field and facility food safety programs, water treatment, boilers, cooling tower water treatment, refrigeration, chillers, reverse osmosis and softener equipment and service, wastewater treatment, water reuse programs, cleaners and sanitizers, process water chemicals, irrigation water treatment, produce sanitization and much more.

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